Monday, October 27

Third Quarter Entries - Rough Edit Slideshow

Those who follow this blog may be familiar with a few of my behaviors that are now united as one in this post.

1) I enter the WPJA quarterly contests fairly regularly.
2) I am frustrated with the process of editing down all my favorite photos to a small enough number to fit in a simple blog post, sample gallery, or contest entry.
3) I have been trying to make slideshows.

So, put all those together, and you have a slideshow of all the photos I have been considering for entry in the latest WPJA contest. I finally got my slideshow software to work, and this then, is hopefully the first of several slideshows I can post to the web. Here is the link:

3rd Quarter 2008 WPJA Possible Entries

You can think of it as something of a "Best of the Third Quarter 2008" only there are several portraits and other types of photos that would probably fit the "Best of" category, but not fit within the specific categories for the WPJA contests. If that is too complicated, just think of it as a bunch of photos I thought were good, put to music.

Which brings me to the Music. The song is "Human" by one of my all time favorite bands, "The Killers". Here is a link to buy the song.

"Human" by The Killers on Amazon

You should go buy it. Though I have taken some steps to procure the rights to this song, I have no idea if they are, in fact, the correct legal measures and I would be much more comfortable if everyone just went out and bought the song. Why not, you know you like it, and really, its only .89 cents.

WPJA - Brides Magazine Awards

Brides Magazine announced the winners to their 2008 Wedding Photojournalism contest. I was happy to see that two of my images did place in the contest. Follow this link to see them, and all of the winners.

4th Place "Bride and Groom"

6th Place "Kids"

All the Winners

I like to see Brides Magazine partnering with the WPJA for contests like this. The WPJA is really the only group (that I know of) that really sticks to the strict ethics and standards of newspaper and magazine photojournalism. The more press groups like the WPJA can get, the better. As people figure out that real photojournalism, at a wedding, is an absolutely amazing combination.

Monday, October 20

Denise + Phil in the Highlands

Here are just a couple shots from a small ceremony for Denise and Phil held in the heart of the Highlands neighborhood. The ceremony was actually a couple weeks ago, and I have been meaning to process more images from the day. It looks like I am not going to have much time to do that anytime soon, so I figured I'd go ahead and make the post. Dinner was held at Patsy's Italian Inn, only a block from the church. I am going to return for some meatballs someday soon.

Friday, October 17

Ann + Patrick in Denver

Here are just a few of my favorites from the wedding of Ann and Patrick --married earlier in the month at The Church of the Good Shepherd and the The Oxford Hotel. I have worked at both of these locations quite a few times before, and there is still plenty new to find. As you become more familiar with a location, you can start to explore a bit, and try to get something a bit different. It was all the easier to explore a bit because Ann and Patrick were great to work with, and everything was organized to a tee by the consummate pros over at Sapphire Celebrations.

Thursday, October 2

Cinderella to Stall

The slideshow software I was working with has gone kaput, so that may kill any plans for future web based slideshows. I knew mentioning it on the blog was not a good plan. But that what blogs are for right? The unscripted, day-to-day, real life stuff? This is reality programming here. Raw. ;)

In an effort to keep posting despite the lack of a slideshow, I am decided to put up another shot from Brooke and Tyler's wedding. This has sort of a Cinderella aspect to it... If the bridesmaids were magical singing fauna.