Tuesday, July 31

something old, something new, something borrowed, something...

...hot pink??

Details are rarely cool enough to make it to my blog, but here we clearly have an exception.

Saturday, July 28

Larry n' Mo

"Your tie makes me look unprofessional shorty!"

"I'll beat you good big man!"

Hillarity ensues at Libby + Brock's wedding at the Main Street Station in Breckenridge last weekend.

Tuesday, July 10

A Wedding Photographer's Wedding Photographer

Who does a wedding photographer hire to photograph their wedding? Teddi and Keith thats who! For those curious to see photos from my own wedding on June 30th, please hop on over to Teddi and Keith's blog. It was a real pleasure having them share the day with us, and I think they did an amazing job with the photos.

Aspen at Sunset

This photo was taken just as Kate and Phil, who were married on the lucky 7s (07-07-07) in Aspen, came out of the gondola from the top of the mountain. Just then, the setting sun came out from behind a cloud and revealed a spectacular red sunset. Kate was pretty excited about it, you can see. We took several photos around the sun, but I actually liked how the red light looked reflecting off Kate and Phil as opposed to using it as a background. I also liked this angle becuase the Little Nell hotel in the background has a very European feel. The sun, the building, the storm clouds, and the kiss all come together to build a perfect shot that really transends reality. The Little Nell was, in fact, the location of the reception, so this also serves as a great reception location shot.


Jackie and Ginni by the moonlight. This was during our "sunset" portrait session, which very quickly turned to a nighttime portrait session. Sometimes that sun can get away from you fast. But I think it worked out better this way, because it was a relatively clear night and the moon was nearly full. I really like how the color of the sky is reflected in her white dress and the white fence, which all come together and combining with the complimentary, slightly warm light of the lamp.

For all those gear-heads out there, this was taken with my new-ish Canon 5D at ISO 3200, f 2.8. I am really excited about what this camera can do in very dark situations. This camera opens up many previously impossible photos.

Sunday, July 8

Charismatic Children

Children really offer up the opportunity to display photojournalism at its best. I caught a few good moments at my good friends' Jackie and Ginni's wedding a few weeks ago. I hope to post much more from their outstanding ceremony held at the Red Lion in Boulder.

If you do have children at your wedding.. bubbles + kids = great photos.
Its ten minutes to the ceremony, do you know what your ring bearer is up to?
I actually feel guilty for posting this photo. He was such a well behaved and charming little man. This was just a surprise moment, very rare...
Maid of Honor and her daughter, the flower girl. This photo is what wedding photojournalism is all about.

Suzanna + Andrew, Part Deux

I am now two weddings behind on my blog posting. Getting married can really set you back on a blog, in case anyone out there was wondering about blog/wedding conflicts, let me confirm that they do exist.

Here are a few more of my favorites from Suzanna and Andrew big day way back in early June. I had thought I could post and comment on each separately, but now I am so far behind, I am going to lump them all together, with a few select comments.

This is a photographers photo. There is likely not much going on here that most people will connect with, but us photographers like to see things arranged in weird and different ways. I like how the heads line up, to create this strange two-headed creature. The hands also add a certain "correctness" to the composition that I dont think would exist otherwise. It is definitely an esoteric thing... maybe just understood by one person. (me)

Now that I have gone off on an abstract tangent, let me get back to basics. I think this may be my favorite image from Suzanna and Andrew's weddings, because it is just a simple authentic moment.

I just love the expression here.

I like all the arms coming from off camera pointing at Suzanna. It adds that element of "hey, focus your attention here" in an anonymous way... They are leading lines for those familiar with compositional elements, and in a very obvious way. What is more leading than a pointing finger?

Great moment.
Great light.

Thursday, July 5

WPJA 1st quarter contest results

I have been away for a week or more, busy with various activities relating to my own wedding. (6/30/07) It has been really a mind-blowing experience. The best day of my life, no doubt. I hope to post more about it upcoming posts. For now, I am going to concentrate on the Wedding Photojournalist Association's first quarter contest. The results were posted earlier this week, and I did manage to place in a couple categories. 17th place in creative portrait and a 7th place in reception ambiance. Check out all the recent winners by visiting wpja.com and clicking on the contest categories.

I am going to start letting my wife (first time using that term in writing) pick the shots to enter in the future contests. I was not going to enter the 7th place winner, until she mentioned it.

The best part about the contest is that they post the judges comments. Here is what they said about my 7th place winner.

JUDGES COMMENTS: All the elements in this picture add and add and add to one another to make a great picture that screams ambiance. Color, light, moment, composition, graphics, angle... It's got it all.

Thank YOU! Those comments mean more to me than the win. Considering the judges are photographers and photo editors from Nat. Geo and the like, its great to be noticed!