Thursday, May 31

run for it.

Misty and Will run out the doors of their reception at the Oxford Hotel in Denver's LoDo district. At the end of the night, there was a bit of confusion as to wether they were just going to leave, or if they were to do one last dance. The DJ announced their names, and then they headed for the door, with all their guests running behind them. I think it took everyone by surprise, and made for a great photo.

Tuesday, May 29


I like this shot because of the flowing lines of her dress. Jesse and Andy get so intwined, you cant really see where the groom and ends and the bride begins. Andy's new wedding band also has a nice presence, it is an important element, but not overpowering.

Sunday, May 27


Jesse raises her bouquet in celebration as she and her new husband share their first moment alone. (well, sort of alone, I was close behind them)

Saturday, May 26

First Dance

One of the greatest challenges of my job is get intimate shots without being intrusive. It is a delicate balance, and the first dance is often one of the best opportunities to really get in close and capture the emotion of a wedding. I can stand back and shoot with my long glass, completely unnoticed by the couple. (I hope) Its usually pretty dark, so that helps too.

This photo is one of my favorites from the wedding of Jesse and Andy in Grand Junction, Colorado. You can see they have very strong feelings for each other. It was such a reward to spend the day with them, especially in such a majestic locale. I have a quite number of images from their wedding that I hope to post on the blog... course, I have quite a number of images from every wedding that I hope to post here... This is really shaping up to be a great year.

Wednesday, May 23

Why so many pictures?

I had not gotten a chance to post this image from the wedding of Hillary and Travis many weeks ago. I just like the look the flower girl is giving me.. and again, the way the light falls around her. Clearly, she is a bit confused as to why this man is running around taking so many photos.

photojournalistic portraiture

This image is a good example of how I approach the wedding portraits. I find, that the best "portraits" will happen between poses. When everyone is figuring out how to position themselves. So, when I am setting up portraits, I tend to give very little direction and let my subjects sort of fiddle around a bit. You always end up with the finished final product, but it is those shots taken before the portrait is completely set-up that may be the best image.