Thursday, June 12


This is a little compilation of arms raised in victory from a couple recent weddings. I had both these files on hand in front of me sort of randomly, and it seemed like a great excuse for a blog post.... Advice to future brides: dont be afraid to make bold gestures. Photography is 2D, static, and quiet, and so has a muting effect on the days events. This is a major part of the appeal of photography. Anything that might feel over-the-top at the time, will actually come off quite reasonable and really charismatic. That is why some of the worlds top models have such powerful personalities. (see: Tyra)

Wednesday, June 11

The Knot Real Weddings Colorado Link

I already posted about the recent article in the Knot Real Weddings Colorado magazine, but they just sent me a link to the article online. For those folks who do not have access to the magazine, check it out here:

Friday, June 6

HDR's of Tanya and Nick

Here are how the HDRs from Tanya and Nick's wedding came out.

This one was taken during the ceremony. Very hard to pull off, but it did work this time. I was trying for a very natural look, nothing that would jump off the page as an HDR image, but something that would have all the detail in the clouds as well as the guests.

In contrast to this portrait, where I was trying to make something very different and moody.

Congrats Tanya and Nick!

Great wedding in an amazing new location, the Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield.