Thursday, November 20

Gretchen and Bill in Denver

Here are few favs from the wedding of Gretchen and Bill in Denver last week. We had great architecture throughout the whole day, coming to a close at the immaculate University of Denver. The weather was amazing, and an early ceremony meant we had plenty of sunshine to play with. I think we made some great shots, and I hope to have more coming soon.

Sunday, November 9

One Wedding: Rachel and Jay

I've just put up a new online gallery of images from the Wedding of Rachel and Jay last weekend. I had originally planned on making a blog slideshow, but I could not really find the right music. There were quite a few images, and I decided to go with a web gallery instead. The images just work so much better when they fill your screen. The new gallery can be seen here: AdamWelch.Net, then click on "One Wedding".

Saturday, November 8

Totally Awesome Photo of Horse

Snapped this at a wedding last weekend up at the Stanley Hotel. This is Nick (I believe) from Tender Grass Carriage, who often give folks rides around the Hotel.

Thursday, November 6

Obama-mama-mi-mana-fe-fi-fo-fama OBAMA!

Some ladies in my neighborhood celebrating on election day.