Friday, June 22

Last Dance

This may look like the first dance, but it is actually the last dance. The first dance was a bit more reserved... The body language really helps tell the story. Though I also like the guest watching from the background.

Olivia and Anthony

A few of my favorites from last Saturday in Idaho Falls... Actually, I have more favorites, but you can only put so much in one post.

Thursday, June 21


Hey look, I saw a moose! Thanks to Olivia and Anthony who flew me up to Idaho for the weekend, I was able to spend a few hours stalking the animals at a near-bye wildlife refuge. It reminded me of the first time I picked up the camera, nature and wildlife photography were my very first interests. I still enjoy it quite a bit, but it requires so much patience. The subjects are so hard to come by, and then they usually run away as soon as you spot them. Not like a bride and groom at all...

I was surprised how lucky the outing was. I did not know the bird was snatching for a fly until I downloaded the image, that is quite a unique moment.

Wednesday, June 13


Photographers call it the magic hour for good reason. Congratulations to Suzanna and Andrew who were married last saturday at her parents majestic home near Fort Collins.