Friday, September 25

Sunset, Petals, Limo.

I am going to sheepeshly put up a blog post, and politely gloss over the silent three or four months with no posts. The problem is, I dont want to post from some weddings and not others. I am afraid that may imply that I like the photos from the posted weddings better. So I then try to post from all weddings, and then it just becomes this whole chore... rather than a "hey look at this cool shot" kinda thing. I get amazing shots from all the weddings I attend. If they dont make the blog, that is only because I did not have the sort of week that finds me sitting at my computer itching to publish. This week, I am a bit itchy, so I am going to post this:

Hey, look at this cool shot.

You cant loose with a sunset, flower petals, and a limo. Congrats to Joanna and Kirk, married last weekend. ;)