Wednesday, August 29

Reservoir Dogs

It surprises me that every-time I set-up this shot, people always know it as the Reservoir Dogs shot. Quentin Tarantino has really had a pervasive impact on American culture. I think Brenden and crew were able to pull off the look very well... though, this was not something I set-up, I found them like this, and that always makes for better shots. Notice how Brenden's crew are both holding their jackets, and in the right and left hand respectively. You cant make this stuff up.

Here a couple more along similar lines taken while riding in the back of Brenden's pick-up.

Wednesday, August 22

Congrats to Sara and Brenden in Boulder

Sara and Brenden got hitched at the Sunrise Amphitheater in Boulder, with the reception following at the Rembrandt Yard art gallery.

I like this one because the flash is from a guests camera. This happens quite often actually, but rarely comes out this well. Not only were our shutters synchronized, but their flash was not overpowering to my camera's aperture. That is geek speak, but I'm guessing someone knows what I mean by that. Both the guest and I caught a great moment here, I think.

Monday, August 20

Its an honor just to be nominated...

I have been nominated as one of colorado's best businesses in the new A-list competition. If you like my work, please vote for me here:

Denver's 7 A-List Nominated: Best Photographer in Denver

Then, if I win, I'll include you in my thank you speech. Unless, of course, they play the music before I am able to finish.

less active, yet still good portraits

Okay, so here are a couple photos for which, I think, I can take a bit more credit. These are slightly more tender, more natural moments, that I hope show an entire other dimension of Maggie and David's relationship.

This image has the saturation greatly reduced and a very slight warm tone to enhance the subtle mood.

pizortraits (of Maggie and David)

So, Maggie was like; "we like to take fun photos"

and I was like; "Oh, okay Maggie, that sounds good"

Little did I know, Maggie and David are portrait experts. I'd like to take credit for how super awesome these images are, and sure, I'll take some, but you cant choreograph these things. These two completely blew me away with their athleticism and charisma. Once I saw these images on my camera, I could not wait to get them up on the blog. Thanks Maggie and David!

These images were taken at 10-mile station up in Breckenridge.

Monday, August 13


DeAnna and I are looking for a home this past month and it has been a real pain. I really thought we would have found one by now, but everything still seems so overpriced! The prices have not yet adjusted to the increased cost of borrowing money. Actually, some have, and those properties seems to be bought-up before we get a chance to bid. It is very frustrating. Anyhow, I have decided to post this photo a ring-bearer from Karla and Tyler's wedding up in Copper Mountain. It is funny, and I need a laugh.

My second ever gold mining ring-bearer, and just a couple weeks after the first.

Friday, August 10

contest entry time

Oh man, I just received an email notifying me that it is only 24 hours until the Quarter 2 WPJA entries need to be received. I ALWAYS have such a hard time choosing images. The "creative" in me wants to enter edgy, arty images that I hope will catch the judges off guard, like this one:

..entered into the "preparation" category. Its not like any prep photo I have seen before, and I think it really captures the feel of the moment just before the ceremony. There are so many faces and stories all crowded together, all in anticipation of the bride. But, is it a winner? The risk is that the judges wont understand. They see hundreds of images, so unless the photo is powerful in its message, it usually gets missed. Its tough to know if the judges are looking for the BEST definition of a prep shot, or some really creative interpretation of a prep shot. Likely... they are looking for the BEST definition, but... I always want to push things a bit... It has never paid off before so I dont know why I think it will work this time. I think I just talked myself out of entering this photo.

Wednesday, August 1

Misty + Will continued

I got to meet with Misty and Will today to discuss their album, which reminded me that I had some favorites that I dont think make it to the blog. Here are a few more of my favorite images from their wedding at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in central Denver.