Friday, September 25

Sunset, Petals, Limo.

I am going to sheepeshly put up a blog post, and politely gloss over the silent three or four months with no posts. The problem is, I dont want to post from some weddings and not others. I am afraid that may imply that I like the photos from the posted weddings better. So I then try to post from all weddings, and then it just becomes this whole chore... rather than a "hey look at this cool shot" kinda thing. I get amazing shots from all the weddings I attend. If they dont make the blog, that is only because I did not have the sort of week that finds me sitting at my computer itching to publish. This week, I am a bit itchy, so I am going to post this:

Hey, look at this cool shot.

You cant loose with a sunset, flower petals, and a limo. Congrats to Joanna and Kirk, married last weekend. ;)

Thursday, June 25

Julie + Craig at the Arvada Center

Julie and Craig were married in at the very same church as Julie's parents (though, in a whole new part of the church), with reception following at the Arvada Center for the Performing Arts. Tons of fun had by all...

Wednesday, May 27

Jenn + Jeff in Golden

Jennifer and Jeff, married in the Chapel at Red Rocks last Saturday. Amazing weather... Amazing tunes.

Why thank you sir, I believe I do need help getting down from this limo.

Just a small town girl
Livin' in a lonely world
She took the midnight train goin' anywhere....

Some will win, some will lose
Some were born to sing the blues
Oh, the movie never ends
It goes on and on and on and on...

Don't stop.


Wednesday, May 20

The Suddenly Everlasting

I have been working over the past few months on a photography resource for all those folks who may be interested in taking better candid photos. Taking candids is a bit different than traditional photography, and I think this has lead to some confusion about how to best use the latest and greatest equipment. People go out and buy good cameras in the hopes of creating more emotional images, only to have no idea how to use the camera. Or, even many professional photographers may have become great portrait and landscape photographers, but were never able to capture something as it unfolds. I would like to fill in this gap of knowledge with the new website. Anyone and everyone is invited to join, share their photos, learn from each other, and hopefully we will all come away as better documentarians of life's little magical moments. Follow the link below for more info:

Wednesday, May 6

WPJA Awards

As always, I am very happy the WPJA exists, as its really nice to have an organization that supports and rewards the type of work you do. I was able to pull out an 8th place and and 1st place win in the most recent contest. I mention the 8th place first, because it is my personal favorite. If you have a few minutes and want to view some incredible work, go on over to, scroll to the center of the page, and view all the contest winners.

Thursday, March 5

Zhanna + Scott in Denver

These pics are from the wedding of Zhanna and Scott last weekend. The equation is pretty simple: Great Couple + Great Location = Amazing Pics. The locale was Mile High Station under Colfax Ave. I have actually been there a couple times before, but never as a photographer for a wedding. So I knew going into it that we would have good opportunities for photos, but was surprised at just how good MHS turned out to be. The texture and unique feel of the location is hard to beat, and Scott and Zhanna were perfect relaxed and charismatic subjects. I had a lot of fun here.

prepping the chuppah

the moment they saw each other just prior to the ceremony

Hey, what are you looking at? The action is the other way!


post ceremony celebration

This is one of my favorites, it is the moment right before the official photo, and shows how each personality preps for the shot.

This shot shows of Mile High Station a bit, from the upper balcony, you can see the cool floors and great table layouts.

entering the reception

great dancers.

End of the night slow dancing in the glow of the DJ lights.

Wednesday, March 4

Kate + Dante in Vail

Congratulations to Kate and Dante who were married last week in Vail, on the birthday of Kate's mom no less. The ceremony was held at the Vail Interfaith Chapel, and the reception held at the Donovan Pavilion. I have been to the pavilion several times before, and it is always an impressive location -as it was for Kate and Dante. I also had the good fortune to work with Shane Macomber as a second shooter. I rarely work with second shooters, but when they are requested it is nice to have a professional on the team. Here are some of my favorites from the day.

Her bridesmaid takes care of the wedding dress moments before Kate puts it on.

This photo I like because of the expression of the hand by the make-up artist.

Dante's father helps one of Dante's groomsmen with some cufflinks.

The girls celebrate on the limo ride to the ceremony. The ceremony started at 7pm, so it was dark while headed to the ceremony.

Sepia tone here, I liked Kate's expression and felt that her veil and the gentle gestures of her bridesmaid made a good soft antiqued photo.

This shot is probably the most "American Style" photojournalism --clean and clear, contrasty BW shot capturing several expressions, or stories, in one shot. It hopefully gives some insight into the thoughts of each girl during the same moment just before Kate is about to head down the aisle.

Ubiquitous but always very important shot telling nearly the entire story of the wedding in one image, the moment the bride and groom meet at the altar. And following, a few more ubiquitous but very important shots during the ceremony.

Celebration after the ceremony.

Then we headed out to get some portraits in downtown vail. It can be somewhat chaotic to move large groups around, especially at night and during a celebration, but I think all photojournalists thrive on chaos --this is when I can make some of the most interesting, truly candid shots.

These next two are close to my favorites from the whole day, just because the tree lit up in downtown Vail had such a unique light. It has enough blue and violet and green in the coloring, that it does not give the impression of a christmas tree, yet still has a very magical quality to it. I also like how the branches vaguely form the image of a heart. Not so much as to be overbearing, just the subtle hint at the shape.

Looooooong shutter drag, just for fun.

First dance... good stuff.