Saturday, August 30

Radiance through the Rain

Remember a couple weeks ago when it rained for two whole days? That was crazy. When does that ever happen here in Denver? I was at weddings on both of those days, and I have to say, the pictures turned out great! Rain is a photographers best friend, the light is always so amazing. Here are a few from Kristy and Adam's wedding up at Boettcher. Kristy was able to bring the shine despite the drizzle. (Yes, Adam was also good.)

Thursday, August 21

Burlington, USA

Here is Erin, and her new husband Traver. They were married in the town of Burlington, Colorado. I had never been to Burlington before, it sits very near the Kansas border. This is what I love about wedding photography. Folks from Burlington invite me down for the evening and I get to experience a slice of midwestern US that I would never have to privlidge otherwise. It was a real pleasure for me. Here in Denver, there is so much focus on our proximity to the mountains, we dont realize that the midwest is only an hours drive outside of town as well. The air was thick, the night was warm, the sound of the evening cicadas played in chorus with the rumble of an American V8...

The First Steps of the Rest of Your Life.

The alway magical, and hard to resist the symbolism here, first steps out the chapel door.

Work it Girl!

All superstars know, you can never let anyone steal your spotlight... even if she IS in a wedding dress.

Wednesday, August 13

Upside Down People

One of the single greatest shots you can get as a sports photographer is of the a player who has been flipped upside down during a hit, like this shot from way back in 02 during my days as a newspaper photog.

Good times. I miss football photography. But, turns out, you can get the same kind of action at a wedding. Here are a few upside down folks at a couple recent nuptials.

Good times.