Wednesday, December 10

Gretchen and Bill: Abstracts

I have always loved abstract photos. By that I mean, an photo that is not immediately obvious in its subject matter. At first, you may even think it is an abstract painting, then your realize that it is, in fact, a photograph, and it sort of flips your mind around. I think they speak to the type of world we live in, help you see the same old world in a different light. Just like the minimalism movement in modern art, the idea is to capture an emotion with as little actual compositional elements as possible. Breaking a visual emotion down to its most basic elements, so we can better understand what it is about the visual image that is evoking feeling.

eh hem.

If your not into debating modern art, I think there is a very practical and very often unnoticed major plus to these images as well. I learned from my own wedding, that you often dont want super large photos of yourself hanging on the walls of your home -even super large photos of your friends and family can get a little weird. The thing that often looks best on the wall is... you guessed it, abstract art. The lines and colors of a good painting can really bring a room together in a way that no wedding photograph can, unless... it is a photograph like one of these. You can print these large and hang them on the wall, then you'll have a constant reminder of your wedding day that plays very well with the design of the room. And, even better, you'll know who the little girl in the red dress is, or who was the tiny head peaking over the stairs. It is abstract art that has a story and a memory associated with it, so it is really the best of both worlds.