Tuesday, March 27

yin yang abstract

I have always been drawn to the ying yang symbol. It was not until I had been a photographer for some time that I gained a greater understanding as to why the symbol held more intrigue than most. There is a lot of power in the interplay between any two forces, be it man or woman, black or white, hot and cold, good and evil.. it is only within the interaction of the two forces that begets drama, spirit, and life. The symbol captures and illustrates this idea very well, as does photography, especially black and white photography. We photographers train ourselves to see the constant contrast of dark and light surrounding us, and when the interplay becomes just perfect, we capture it. That is what I like about this image. The light girl surrounded by the dark carpet, surrounded by the light walls, surrounded by the dark vignetting at the edges.

This probably is not an image that my clients would find particularly outstanding, but it part of what makes the job rewarding for me. Weddings, especially with so many people in dark suites and white dresses, have a lot contrast to play with.

Monday, March 26

Who said winter was over?

You'd think you might be safe from blizzards on March 24th, but you'd be wrong. Nicole and Chris got hitched this weeked at the spectacular Camp Saint Malo up in Allenspark, and weather cooperated with some very dramatic conditions. They did not let it dampen their spirits, and I think we made some great images through it. Its true that every wedding is unique, and when the day comes, you have to roll with it, and then you'll have great stories, and the pictures to prove it.

Monday, March 19

congrats Jeff & Julie

The wedding season has been officially kicked off (for me anyway) with the marriage of Julie and Jeff up in Silverthorne. It was great to get back into shooting, It has been several months since I have had a happy couple to photograph.

Wednesday, March 7

Speaking of Photo Awards...

The 2006 POY's have been announced. For those of you less familiar with the photojournalism world, a POY is a picture of the year, and they are usually pretty amazing. All us photojournalists salivate over seeing all the great images created over the past year.


This years POYs have been good to former Colorado photogs. Check out the magazine photographer of the year Christopher Anderson. He once worked up at the Longmont Times Call here in Colorado. I was lucky enough to pass through the Longmont Times-Call a few years after him. Although it is not the most well known newspaper, the TC fostered an excellent photo culture. Another former TC shooter, Tomas Van Houtryve, took home an award of excellence.


CAUTION: violent images.

Tomas and I went through the same program up at CU boulder. He was a few years ahead of me, so we never met. The program up at CU is pretty small, and so it is a tight nit group and we have a lot more freedom to be independent. He is actually an extremely talented shooter, and I think his best work is on his website, definetly check out his site if your into high-quality PJ.


1st Place Action!

This recent winter Wedding Photojournalist Association contest has been good to me, first place in the "action" category. I cant take all the credit though, it was quite an energetic group.


Saturday, March 3


It has been quite some time since my last post, but I bet you no one noticed. Did you? There just aren't a lot of wedding in the wintertime. I should have much more this coming summer... looking forward to it! Until then, here is a photo of my good friend's little daughter Kiki.